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Tennessee Psycho Shoots Dog in Mouth – Sheriff Refuses to Investigate.


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 8/14/2012, 12:30 pm EST.  GOVERNOR OF TENNESSEE, BILL HASLAM CLAIMS HE “CANT DO ANYTHING”….. INFORMED US TO ALL CONTACT THE FOLLOWING:  County Mayor, John Pelham, Phone 931-473-2505, Email, Fax 931-473-0635 …


On August 8, 2012 a stray dog (now named Corona) was brutally attacked and shot. Her attack was not provoked or warranted. When the Warren County Humane Society filed a police report, they were told by the Deputy that maybe “The shooter was just shooting the mean out of her.”

The Sheriff’s office has not been investigating. This animal was shot in a rural area where only 12 homes were in the vicinity. An investigation would not be time tasking, yet the Sheriff has not completed one.

A few days later, a family owned dog, 1 year old Jake was shot three times in front of witnesses in Warren County. The dog, Jake was friendly and the shooting was unwarranted. The shooting of this dog was next to a children’s outdoor birthday party. This shooter not only committed a class E felony by shooting an animal that was not portraying any aggression, he also endangered the lives of children. Warren County Sheriff refused to press charges or come out to the house when called.

The Sheriff does not have the legal right to disregard the laws: 39-14-205 intentional killing of animals section A1. which reads A person who intentionally or knowingly unlawfully kills the animal of another, with the intent to deprive the owner of the right to the animals life and without the owner’s effective consent commits theft of that animal and shall be punished under 39-14-105.

Also 3911-621 reads: That a private citizen can not use or threaten to use deadly force except to the extent authorized under self defense or defense of third person statutes 39-11-611 and 39-11-612. The shooter was not defending anyone and therefore broke this law. He also endangered the lives of children by unjustifiably firing a gun 3 times in their vicinity.

The shooter has caused painful emotional trauma to the children that had to witness this brutal murder of a family pet.

The Warren County Sheriff has demonstrated a clear lack of respect for the laws and the safety of his citizens. His tolerance and acceptance for cruel animal abuse begs the question is he ethically fit for his position? We who sign this petition demand that the Governor and Tennessee state legislation ensure that the laws Sheriff Matheny has disregarded are upheld. The people and the animals of Warren County deserve this. Animal cruelty and endangering the safety of all citizens can not be tolerated.

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