Tennessee Psycho Shoots Dog in Mouth – Sheriff Refuses to Investigate.


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 8/14/2012, 12:30 pm EST.  GOVERNOR OF TENNESSEE, BILL HASLAM CLAIMS HE “CANT DO ANYTHING”….. INFORMED US TO ALL CONTACT THE FOLLOWING:  County Mayor, John Pelham, Phone 931-473-2505, Email jpelham@warrencountytn.gov, Fax 931-473-0635 …


On August 8, 2012 a stray dog (now named Corona) was brutally attacked and shot. Her attack was not provoked or warranted. When the Warren County Humane Society filed a police report, they were told by the Deputy that maybe “The shooter was just shooting the mean out of her.”

The Sheriff’s office has not been investigating. This animal was shot in a rural area where only 12 homes were in the vicinity. An investigation would not be time tasking, yet the Sheriff has not completed one.

A few days later, a family owned dog, 1 year old Jake was shot three times in front of witnesses in Warren County. The dog, Jake was friendly and the shooting was unwarranted. The shooting of this dog was next to a children’s outdoor birthday party. This shooter not only committed a class E felony by shooting an animal that was not portraying any aggression, he also endangered the lives of children. Warren County Sheriff refused to press charges or come out to the house when called.

The Sheriff does not have the legal right to disregard the laws: 39-14-205 intentional killing of animals section A1. which reads A person who intentionally or knowingly unlawfully kills the animal of another, with the intent to deprive the owner of the right to the animals life and without the owner’s effective consent commits theft of that animal and shall be punished under 39-14-105.

Also 3911-621 reads: That a private citizen can not use or threaten to use deadly force except to the extent authorized under self defense or defense of third person statutes 39-11-611 and 39-11-612. The shooter was not defending anyone and therefore broke this law. He also endangered the lives of children by unjustifiably firing a gun 3 times in their vicinity.

The shooter has caused painful emotional trauma to the children that had to witness this brutal murder of a family pet.

The Warren County Sheriff has demonstrated a clear lack of respect for the laws and the safety of his citizens. His tolerance and acceptance for cruel animal abuse begs the question is he ethically fit for his position? We who sign this petition demand that the Governor and Tennessee state legislation ensure that the laws Sheriff Matheny has disregarded are upheld. The people and the animals of Warren County deserve this. Animal cruelty and endangering the safety of all citizens can not be tolerated.

Update on our sweet beautiful Corona, I am just sick and heartbroken and shaking and nauseated, bad and sad enough when we thought Corona was hit with a baseball bat/2×4 when we were at Dr. Tate’s at the time late last night with her injuries, he thought Corona was hit by a baseball bat/2×4 sadly with a heavy heart and my eyes full of tears we have an update a few minutes ago, after xrays and emergency surgery they realized that sadly our sweet Corona was shot at point blank range down the throat with a 22, muzzle burns down her throat, tongue is split down the middle down her throat also, Corona was still beat across the face with her broken nose maybe with the gun that shot her.
I am sure Corona’s tail never stopped wagging with her abuser as she was sadly shot, as her tail never stopped with us, they did emergency surgery on this sweet girl and she is recovering, our hearts are broken and we are just truly upset beyond words that someone can do this without a care in the world and purposely and maliciously, yes we are calling the police and making a report and we will do all we can to make a difference for this sweet girl, bring charges against this horrible abuser, we do not know who did this but we will do our best to find out, we are so sorry Corona you did not deserve this at all, we will not fail you and we will give our all to you!
Sweet Corona is at Dr. Tate’s in Woodbury 615-563-4022 if you can make a donation to this sweet girl as Corona is getting the much needed wonderful vet care she so deserves! Our prayers and love are with you Corona!! Stay strong sweet girl, Corona!! hswarrenco@hotmail.com is our paypal address.  Thank you to the family that called us and thank you to Dr. Tate and his staff for making the difference for our sweet Corona! BIG HUGS CORONA!!! We love you!!
My animals mean the world to me as well as every rescue animal that comes into my life, I go above and beyond to make a difference in all animals lives here in Warren County, but last night we had yet another heartbreaking case of some IDIOT here in Warren County that hit a sweetheart of a dog with a baseball bat/2×4 and did a number on this very friendly and loving dog, sadly this sweetheart was a stray and a very nice family has been caring for her and they came outside to find this sweet loving girl in their front yard blood everywhere, they do not know what happened and the kids screaming and crying thinking she was dying as this poor sweet dog had blood everywhere, face bashed in and gurgling blood, we got the call last night around 7 and my husband who is a true hero for ALL animals went to the home and picked up this sweet girl and took her to the vet in Woodbury to get immediate help, got home at 11:15 last night, this sweet girl is doing ok and we will get an update this afternoon on her from the vet…what has happened here in warren county that you can hit dogs with baseball bat/2X4 and think that is ok and no this dog was not attacking she has shown nothing but love even in the horrible state of health she is in.
Certain folks starve horses to DEATH, shoot and kill dogs, starve dogs and cats and horses, abuse and neglect and abandoned….I surely cannot be the only one who cares, who is taking a stand, who wants change, our warren county government could care less about animals that is not news here as they have proven and shown that over and over…I am so tired of the attitude here in warren county, this is shameful what is happening here to animals, I am disgusted by how certain folks treat animals and children here so much disgusted that I am thinking of moving, (bet certain folks are doing the happy dance with that comment) yes is there abuse everywhere, sure there is, but the HUGE difference is the officials care and want and demand change and hold abusers accountable, help the suffering animals, I truly can not stand the lack of caring, hardly no donations coming in, everyone expects us to help and make a difference and to keep helping and making a difference….to the person that hit this poor, sweet, friendly and loving dog with a baseball bat/2X4 I hope you can sleep at night, scratch that, you do sleep at night…..I DON’T!!!


The Warren County Sheriff Department does not seem interested in opening an investigation in Corona’s shooting.  As per the Warren County Humane Society latest update, another dog, JAKE was shot three times and killed 50 feet from a child’s outdoor  birthday party yesterday in Warren County. With witnesses that the dog killed did nothing aggressive or threatening, the sheriff department is refusing to press charges against the shooter. It is time to make some serious noise!!!

Here is contact info:
Attorney General of Tennessee: Robert Cooper 615-741-3491
Governor of Tennessee: Bill Haslam 615-741-2001

Please call these numbers and demand that Sheriff  Mr. Jackie Matheny do his job or be removed. There have now been 2 acts of aggravated cruelty (a Class E felony) and the Sheriff is refusing to investigate and in one case press charges. It is not his job to ignore the law. It is his job to enforce the laws. He is not doing his job with respect to the law and needs to be accountable.

Here are local contact numbers for Warren County:
Sheriff Mr. Jackie Matheny 931-473-7863
Mayor Dr, Norman Rone 931-473-1200
Vice Mayor Everett Brock 931-473-7155
Police Chief Bryan Denton 931-473-3808
Captain of Criminal Investigations Derwin Adcock 931-473-3386


Hello Everybody !!  My Name is Princess Angelina.  I had a terrible life wandering around the streets of Miami, until some nice ladies in Florida rescued me.  Now I am living with my Furever Mommy, Her name is Judy 🙂  and we Love each other Sooo Much.  I have a wonderful life, Mostly sleeping on the couch.   I Love sleeping on the couch with my New Mommy.  I have been at my Furever Home for 2 years now.  Miracles Happen !  (Sometimes)


If  you would like to order a Bumper Sticker for your car, to show your support for LENNOX, the innocent dog who was recently illegally murdered in Ireland,  Please CLICK HERE.


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28 thoughts on “Tennessee Psycho Shoots Dog in Mouth – Sheriff Refuses to Investigate.

  1. susan

    Maybe the banjos in Warren county will be playing now ! Something needs to be done to these abuser murderers.

  2. susan


  3. Kathy

    What is the sheriff going to do when these psychopaths move on to killing people? Animal cruelty is a stepping stone to murdering humans…DO YOUR JOB SHERIFF!

  4. Get off your butt Sheriff and arrest this person before he kills a child, What does it take to arrest this person.

  5. Ellen

    Can you please correct it so that it doesn’t say there were 50 witnesses to Jake’s shooting…?? That is not true. The correct info is that it was 50 FEET away from where the birthday party was being held. Warren County Humane Society wants to BE SURE only true facts are put out there. Otherwise it only hurts the case. THANKS!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/WARREN-COUNTY-HUMANE-SOCIETY-OF-MCMINNVILLETN/327265306355

  6. Look like they have enough money to care for Corona – A reward has also been offered to find the perpetrator!


  7. Wohali Ageyv

    @ Kathy .. you have a very very valid point. I recently came across a study, and posted this to my Face Book page, as to how it is now being taken very seriously, that those who inflict horrendous cruelty to our animal friends, are the very ones who think nothing of harming an innocent human either. It now becomes beyond dangerous to let these psychopaths walk amongst us.
    This whole picture is crazy .. no nore than that .. it is incredibly scary !
    To those who care deeply for our 4 legged friends .. we are their voice and we must stand together and be heard.
    Dog bless you ❤

    • susan

      I did relay this to the deputy, Wohali. They have no concept , in there little small minded world. I am even in fear of the wonderful couple, the Lerch’s, WCHS, who are now being watched by those redneck bastards that condone murdering innocents.

  8. Teresa

    Have formal complaints been filed against warren county?

  9. My mommy Judy is now tweeting 58 major news media about these idiot law enforcement morons in Tennessee….. Could everyone please phone, email, fax, tweet, everyone mentioned above in the alert. Thank you.l

  10. IsaVegan

    Truly horrid beyond words!!! I just called and the lady at the Sheriff office 1-931-473-7863, said they are investigating. She also commented the person needs to be hung because it was so horrible in her Tennessee accent, etc, etc. Why, I wondered doesn’t the Sherif feel the same way? I kept saying are you sure why didn’t they take action earlier? No answer but they are investigating now. Whether that is the truth remains to be seen. Will fax and call to all people above…. This is why some people take things into their own hands because the people that should don’t give a you know what!!!

  11. IsaVegan

    Just for your information.. Yesterday I wrote to the person who made the petition above on your blog. Her message was. The mayor supports his sheriff. If he was effective as a mayor, he would have insisted on an investigation. There is sooooo much more the Governor can do than the Mayor can. A copy of the petition will be delivered to the Mayor as well…as a courtesy. But It is going to the Governor and State senate/House. No body likes bad press in an election year! Keep the petition going 🙂

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