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Street Cats in Slovenia NEED our Help. Please Help Our Sister take care of these Precious Cats.



Fellow Animal Rescuers:  Our Sister BEE MITIC has been working endlessly and tirelessly for YEARS to rescue the Stray Cats and Dogs from the Streets of Slovenia.

She has lived  in her car for months at a time, just to keep her beautiful rescue animals from being confiscated.  It is a daily struggle to find work, pay her rent (she now finally has an apartment), and pay the veterinarian and feed bills for the lovely cats and dogs under her care.

Please find it in your hearts to donate to her. Bee is an Angel sent from Heaven to care for the stray animals in her corner of Slovenia. Please Open your Hearts and do not turn a blind eye.

CLICK HERE to send your Donation.  IF only 100 people could send $5 or $10 dollars, Bee would not have to return to living in her car with her precious animals.

Thank you for your Open Hearts and Generosity.

 *******Bee Mitic*******


Lets All Join Together and Help the Stray Cats of Slovenia,  If it wasn’t for the donations of kind people, I would still be stray, and not have a wonderful home now, with My Mommy Judy.  Please Help.

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