Handsome Chico Needs a New Home.

A resident of The Pet Connection for over a year, Chico is a six year old pitbull. He is a strikingly handsome dog who exhibits unmatched loyalty and love to his guardians. He weighs about 70 pounds and is the epitome of physical health.

With his amazing strength, athleticism, and territorialism, Chico is a formidable protector and watchdog.  He is a handful, though. Chico is dog aggressive, primarily toward other males, though he does get along with Lexi, our 8 year old female pit.

Close vigilance and separation from other most other dogs are a must with him. He also exhibits separation anxiety, so an ideal guardian would be someone who is looking for a good watchdog and a very loving companion, has the energy to keep up with Chico, spends a lot of time around the house, is willing to be a one-dog owner, and is willing to exert the responsibility necessary to manage a dog with some behavioral issues. Chico can be trying but he is worth it!

Also he is house-broken, kennel trained, does well walking on a gentle leader, and had the benefit of some assessment and training by Wayne Hunthausen. He has been a member of our family for four years. Unfortunately, circumstances are preventing us from keeping him. We will provide his new guardian with his leash, gentle leader, kennel, and medical records.





PLEASE Send an Email to: animaliberationist@gmail.com for more information on this Regal and Handsome Dog

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