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Hello Evwybuddy !


Hewwo Evwybuddy

SOON, We will be Helping Wots of Ovver Dawgs.

Stay Tuned.

(Dis is Me when I furst got Rescuded)

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Our first Cyber Action week @ Shut Down WSU Painful Dog Experiments Lab was a great success and I hope to see the same enthusiasm this week …..

There were a few people who were unfamiliar with WSU and what they are doing so I am including a link:

This is for those of you who are unaware of the horrific crimes being committed against the animal at this educational institution. Also telling you that WSU is Wayne State University, which is a well-renowned university in Detroit, MI.  We are targeting the dog heart experiments to begin with and I say this is just the beginning.

This weeks targets are the school’s Deans of many departments along with any I saw along the way.  We must persuade WSU to abandon the cruel and inhumane animal experiments and end this suffering….

Thank you everyone for a fantastic 1st week, let’s see if we can do even better the 2nd week. Now let’s blast em’ and shut this horrible lab shut down for good!

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I Never Lost Hope – Here is My Life Story



Here’s a Movie of Me.  I’m a MOOVIE STAR 🙂


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